Following in the footsteps of Rachel Bilson, American Idol star Katherine McPhee recently addressed the Wonder Womancasting rumors which have popped up about her recently. Unlike Bilson, McPhee did not deny all knowledge of these rumors, and instead seemed to be quite familiar with the talk. McPhee played coy, saying she would not "deny it or admit to it," and instead suggested it was a bit silly to create so much "buzz" about a script which, frankly, nobody has even read at this point. McPhee did admit "Yes, there have been, you know, like, conversations about it, but as far as the role being mine, or me being the lead up for it, I don't really know." Amusingly, McPhee also stated she wasn't even sure a Wonder Woman movie was being made, as she had no idea who was financing it.

So for eager fans, we can note McPhee in no way denied the role was offered to her. While Bilson and others have mostly claimed a total lack of knowledge regarding the film, McPhee was perfectly aware of the hubbub and even acknowledged there were some form of "talks" happening. And to her credit, she made a rather shrew observation when she pointed out the lack of an actual, official script at this point. In the meantime, writer/director Joss Whedon has accepted yet another comic book writing gig, somehow expecting to find time to do even more writing.
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