Although it ultimately fell rather short of expectations after the wild internet popularity experienced during run-up, Snakes on a Plane seemed to have impressed somebody over at New Line, because they've wrapped up star Samuel L. Jackson and his still-unnamed company to a two year "first look" production deal. On the heels of his mid-$30 million run with Snakes (which is not a dreadful box office sum), Jackson said of the deal: "I have made four movies with New Line so far, and they have all been immensely positive experiences for me."

While they may have all been "immensely positive" for you, Jackson, I certainly can't say the same. I haven't seen Snakes yet, but I remember what you and Eugene Levy did with The Man; and let me tell you, there was nothing positive about that experience at all from my end of things. Nonetheless, I continue to like Samuel Jackson, and I'm excited to see what he brings to the table with the help of his new friends at New Line.
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