Aside from Hugh Jackman'sWolverine flick, Jon Favreau'sIron Man is the next big thing on the horizon for Marvel Comics (movie-wise, that is) and their fans. As is typical for major comic book films, much controversy has been made over who will land the lead role -- particularly because Tony Stark has long been attached to Tom Cruise in Iron Man rumors. A sideline subject of discussion has been the costume work, and just recently fans have been granted a peek into some early 3D design concepts for the iconic character.

You can check out the work done by designer Brandon Perlow over at Screen Rant. The word is, visual effects supervisor John Nelson was impressed with much of the work, and even felt parts of it meshed with the overall vision for the film, but ultimately decided to go in a slightly different direction. Personally, I more or less approve of the first set of pictures provided, but I think the second set looks a little too "x-treme." Opinions from the geek balcony?
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