Do we need another Nixon film? Between Oliver Stone's Nixon and the fluffy satire Dick, we're pretty fulfilled as far as Tricky Dick portrayals go. But neither of those films showed Richard Nixon after his resignation from office. Perhaps because his last twenty years weren't that cinematic. At least one moment is dramatic enough for the stage, though; Peter Morgan'sFrost/Nixon presents the story of a 1977 television interview with Nixon conducted by David Frost. Now Ron Howard is thinking that it could be adapted for the screen as his next project. The question would be whether or not he'd cast Frank Langella, who is currently playing the part of Nixon in the London stage production. Another concern might be that this film will seem too similar to Good Night, and Good Luck (which also featured Langella); though it won't have to be in black and white since the interview was conducted in color.

A few months ago, Mark mentioned that Howard is also considering directing the thriller The Changeling. My guess is that his decision will come down to which film has a better part for Tom Hanks -- unless he decides to cast Hanks in a part not suited for him (think The Da Vinci Code); I think it would be neat to see him play Nixon. And when I say "neat to see", I really mean "neat to make fun."
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