Wayyy back in December, we told you how Drew Barrymore and producing partner Nancy Juvonen were in the process of setting up the film He Loves Me at Warner Bros. through a first-look deal their company, Flower Films, had at the studio. At the time, Barrymore was also thinking about starring in the pic, though nothing was official ... until now.

Variety reports Barrymore will indeed play the lead, with screenwriter Ted Tally (Silence of the Lambs) signed on to pen a new draft. Tally explains the story as a "taut, sexy thriller about contemporary infidelity, which strongly questions the proposition that what you don't know won't hurt you." Hmm, I'll tell you what I don't know -- will Barrymore be able to pull off a sexy thriller? Sure, there was Poison Ivy back in 1992, but since then Drew has taken on such a lovable persona in films like Ever After and 50 First Dates. Does she still have what it takes to seductively freak us out?

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