Kristin Cavallari, star of the vacuous yet incredibly popular reality show/drama Laguna Beach, is taking a page from Lindsay Lohan's playbook. Lohan had a hit on her hands with Mean Girls, in which she starred with several Saturday Night Live veterans, inluding screenwriter Tina Fey. Cavallari tells MTV News that she will be appearing in Spring Breakdown, with SNL stars Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler (one of the best Weekend Update hosts in the show's history, and -- surprise -- she was in Mean Girls). Dratch co-wrote the screenplay for the film which will also star Parker Posey and Amber Tamblyn.

According to Cavallari, "It's a comedy about girlfriends that missed out on spring break because they were losers in high school, and now they're older and they go on a college spring break." Cavallari will play one of the "bitchy, mean girls," bringing to light yet another similarity to Lohan's film.

Again, the word vacuous comes to mind, but I hold out some hope because of Dratch and Poehler's involvement. Cavallari may get the young folks into the theater, but these two SNL vets provide the most hope for the film actually being entertaining. Posey has respectable comedy chops as well (check out a little-seen film called Clockwatchers if you don't believe me).

Spring Breakdown
will open sometime next year.
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