Following up on yesterday's Iron Man armor post, we bring you possible Iron Man weapons information. From deep within the heart of the Iron Man production offices comes a photo of writer/director Jon Favreau and executive producer Peter Billingsley in front of a table full of firearms. Although we aren't talking about Tony Stark created armor-addition sorts of guns, Billingsley is clutching a classic Red Ryder (insert your "shoot your eye out" joke here).

In fact, at this point there are no actual guarantees these guns are even intended for appearance in Jon Favreau's flick. They are hanging out in the production offices, so presumably that is their intended purpose, but who knows -- maybe Fav just really digs guns. Now I'm not what you'd technically call a "gun guy," so I really have no idea what these weapons are or if they're even real weapons to begin with, so I'm not going to make myself look stupid by trying to sound like I know something about them. If any gun aficionados out in the audience want to make an observation or two, I'm all ears.

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