Not long ago, Chris told us how Nia Vardalos was considering a sequel to her giganto smash hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding. With only one half-assed film (Connie and Carla) and an equally half-assed TV show under her belt in the four years since Greek Wedding, Vardalos was facing some serious writer's block (which I refuse to believe exists) and slowly inching her way towards an appearance on a future episode of VH1's One-Hit Wonders: Where Are They Now?

Well, the good news (for Vardalos fans) is the writer-actress is once again teaming up with Tom Hanks (who is serving as executive producer) on a film called My Life in Ruins. The two are also paired up on something called A Wilderness of Monkeys, though I'm not sure if these are different films or one in the same. My Life in Ruins finds Vardalos playing a tour guide traveling through Greece with a group of tourists.

Just recently, Greek authorities approved the duo to shoot in the ruins of Athens's Acropolis -- something rarely done seeing as there's a risk of damaging the historic spot. See, it just goes to show that if Tom Hanks is involved, anything is possible. Heck, I just want to know if Hanks and Rita Wilson legally adopted Vardalos as their daughter yet. If not, what are they waiting for?

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