Yes, The Stony Awards, as sponsored by High Times Magazine. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! The 6th Annual Stony Awards will be distributed on October 24th at BB King's in New York City, and here's what they'll be celebrating: Marijuana use in movies and TV programming. Woohoo! Redman and Doug Benson will be hosting the festivities. (Also, you can cast your own votes if you like.)

Now, I certainly have no problem with the mixture of movies and marijuana, but I'm of a rather snooty opinion: Just about any time a movie deals with pot-smokers, those people are portrayed as lazy, listless, moronic slackers who know nothing about hard work, physical hygiene, and/or social skills. And I'm here to tell you that it's a really inaccurate stereotype. (Don't ask me to explain how I know this. Please.)

But that won't prevent High Times Magazine from hyping every single flick from the past year that has a bowl, bong, blunt or bud in it -- which helps to explain why the stunningly unfunny Grandma's Boy has the lead with six whole nominations. (Or perhaps the judges were extra-stoned when they made their picks.)

The full list of nominees reside post-jump.
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