Odds and ends from Tuesday:

  • No, John Hurt didn't really commit a murder. The actor has signed on to play a leading role in Alex de la Iglesia'sOxford Murders, based on the award-winning novel by Guillermo Martinez. Iglesia and co-writer Jorge Guerricaechevarria (now, if that's not a long last name, I don't know what is) adapted the book which surrounds an Oxford University professor who finds himself wrapped up in a bunch of murders that appear to be linked by mathematical symbols.
  • Though the third installment in the franchise is still in production, folks behind the Resident Evil films are wasting no time casting the fourth flick. According to reports, Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, Dark Angel, Smallville) is in talks to play Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil: Afterlife (the fourth pic's current working title). I've never played the games and have no clue who Kennedy is or whether Ackles would be a good choice (hey, I'm just being honest), so I'll need you fans to chime in on this one.
  • In an interview with Moviehole, Will Ferrell answered questions about whether or not he would be down for an Elf 2 and an Old School 2. While a sequel to Elf is in the works, Ferrell admitted to rejecting the idea, saying "Elf 2 got killed. I killed Elf 2." (If you'd allow it, I'd like to pause here to give Ferrell a round of applause for that decision.) As far as Old School Dos goes, the ex-elf confirms it's being written and is anxiously awaiting a read-through.
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