She of perfect skin, cool composure and elegantly dark eye-circles shall be yukking it up next year in Dan in Real Life (as we previously reported), a movie set in Rhode Island about a widower who falls for his brother's (French, ya think?) girlfriend. The brothers competing for Ms. Binoche's affection will be played by Steve Carell, Norbert Butz (who's been big this past year on broadway) and Dane effing Cook (who has suddenly become the next Jim Carrey, though I predict he will be a comedian for five more years before some unexpected, deftly-handled dramatic role catapaults him to Oscar glory).

Several names below Dane Cook's, one discovers that Dianne Wiest and John Mahoney will join the fun, and bolster the established talents of Ms. Binoche and Mr. Carell. I went trolling through the records to find some context for a Juliette Binoche funny-ha-ha role, but found only funny-troubling roles, such as The Unbearable Lightness of Being(funny relationship with monogamy), Damage (funny relationship with fiance's hot-looking father), or The English Patient (funny how everybody she loves dies).

The cast awaits the completion of Evan Almighty, as Mr. Carell is busy finishing up with that.

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