Here at Cinematical, when it comes to film festivals, we just aren't so much about the parties. We get invites to a lot of festival social happenings, but honestly, after 12 hours or so of screenings (counting the time it takes to get from one venue to another) in a given day, plus the time it takes to write a coherent review, most nights we do well to drool over a pizza slice or Thai takeout while hunched over our keyboards. Besides, parties require actually dressing up and looking presentable, and we here at Cinematical are a bunch of lazy slobs who like to work in our pajamas. Nonetheless, we did manage to suck it up and engage our introverted selves in a little of the Toronto Film Festival nightlife. We co-hosted a little TIFF bowling party with our friends from Movie City News, hung out at Mark Cuban's HDNet bash and the Netflix party for John Waters' This Filthy World, and even spent an night carousing until the wee hours at a pub with the Rotten Tomatoes gang. Here are some pics from our wild social life at TIFF. When you see for yourselves what dorky film geeks we really are, you'll understand why we usually stay locked in our hotel rooms with our laptops.

Hey, we can't all be party animals like Sammy (above), the tiara-wearing black sheep from the Black Sheep red carpet.