Let's take a quick little quiz, shall we? If I were to ask you what makes Pirates of the Caribbean such a successful movie franchise, would you answer:

A. The fine acting, led by Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.
B. It is a movie about pirates, and everybody loves pirates.
C. It was based on a ride at the marvelous Walt Disney World resort.
D. Probably any answer in the world which is not C.

If you answered A, B, or D, congratulations, you get full credit and can be considered to have above room temperature intelligence. If you answered C, you are probably a voting member of Disney's movie division, Walt Disney Pictures, which has just recently decided to green light -- with "high-priority" status, mind you -- another film based on a theme park ride. This time, the "potential franchise" is none other than Disney's Jungle Cruise, one of the classic original rides at the park which features cruise riders who come across all kinds of wild jungle creatures on their voyage. Bet you just can't wait to shell out for this one, right?
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