Hey kids, here's your first look at four character banners from Warner Bros.' upcoming animated romp 'Happy Feet' ...

The film tells the tale of Mumble (voiced by Elijah Wood and pictured at the top left), a penguin who's one heck of a tap dancer but can't carry a tune to save his life. No big deal, right? If you're a tap-dancing penguin you've got it made in the Antarctic shade, don't you? Unfortunately, no. Mumble's Emperor penguin peers use their lovely singing voices to woo their soul mates. So even though Mumble is the Gregory Hines of the penguin world, he just can't seem to get any love.

That all could change, however, when he meets the gorgeous and silk-voiced Gloria (Brittany Murphy, pictured at the top right). She just might be the love of Mumble's life. Helping our hero in his quest for romance are the bastions of comic relief Lovelace (lower left) and Ramón (lower right), both voiced by Robin Williams. Prepare to let the toe-tapping begin November 17.

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