On Halloween, the filmmakers behind Incubus, a horror film starring perennial party girl Tara Reid, will attempt to boldly go where few filmmakers have gone before: they will premiere their film online at AOL Red*, AOL's site for teens, as a direct-to-download movie for $7.99. The plot of the film sounds kind of comedic: A medical student, played by Reid (ahem) and her friends, are stranded after a car crash and stalked by a deranged killer (I'll bet you $7.99 right now that Reid's cleavage has a starring role in the film).

Under the deal, AOL will have exclusive rights to distrib the film through their teen site before the film goes to DVD. The deal came about after the film's producer, Adam Shapiro, and his partner, were unable to secure a good deal for theatrical distribution. AOL Red is using the film's premiere as part of the relaunch of their site; Red currently gets about 4 million teen visitors a month as part of its subscription service, but relaunches in the open internet market on October 17 at b-red.com (and no, we have no idea who picked a URL that looks like "bred.com" for a website targeted at teens, but we'll just pretend we didn't notice that).