The deep and often generous pockets of George Lucas have loosed just a bit recently, as the juggernaut of cinema has dropped a trifling one hundred and seventy five million dollars through his Lucas Foundation. The recipient? His old alma mater, of course. The University of Southern California -- specifically their School of Cinematic Arts -- received the mighty donation which is being billed as the biggest single donation in the history of the great institution. The breakdown is roughly seventy five million for the construction of fancy new educational buildings, while the remaining one hundred million will set up a long running endowment.

While new buildings are always fantastic, particularly in an ever-expanding field like Cinematic Arts, the endowment fund jumps out at me as the best of the two gifts -- maybe because I'm sitting on a pile of student loans so the idea of lessing the cost of schooling sounds hot. In other George Lucas news, the man has been named grand marshal for the 118th Tournament of Roses in Pasadena ... which is apparently a big deal. Good job, George!
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