In case you haven't heard yet, the new Bond song for Casino Royale is called "You Know My Name" and it is performed by Chris Cornell. Does that name sound out of place? Erik has already polled you about this, but I figure I'll add my own thoughts. When I think of Bond songs, I obviously think of the early tracks, many of them sung by Shirley Bassey, which would fit on a lounge compilation. There's just something classy about that kind of music. Next, I favor some of the other female vocals, including '80s and '90s songs by Sheena Easton, Garbage and sure, even Sheryl Crow -- because I like to think the songs should have a sexy woman's voice, as though sung by one of the Bond girls.

Now, I'm no music critic (even if I did get my start reviewing ska CDs), so I won't try to give an actual review of Cornell's addition to the list of Bond songs, but I will say that despite not liking much that he's done since his Soundgarden days (and I still can't listen to "Black Hole Sun" without cringing), I really like this one. It does sound very dated (like early '90s U2?) and doesn't seem to fit with the past selections. I will probably feel different about it when hearing it in the context of the movie, but as for now, I'm still listening.

If you want to hear a sample, played over some of the film's clips, go here. Or, you can listen to the entire song here.

[via USA Today's Pop Candy]