Screenwriter Robin Swicord loves to adapt books for the screen, and she has shown some great diversity in her choosing of source material (Little Women; Matilda; Practical Magic; Memoirs of a Geisha). Now, according to Production Weekly, she is working on bringing Jane Austen to the big screen. No, not the author, who has been adapted enough already, but the book, The Jane Austen Book Club. Written by Karen Joy Fowler, the novel follows the lives of six members of the title group and the relationships and affairs between them. The film version, which begins shooting in November, is set to star Maria Bello, Jimmy Smits, Emily Blunt, Josh Lucas and Ellen Burstyn. What this means for the status of Swicord's feature directorial debut, The Mermaids Singing, which is also an adaptation, is unknown -- it does have a poster, though, so that's good, I guess?

I haven't read the best selling novel, but I do know that it deals with characters discussing literature, which doesn't sound very cinematic to me. Certainly a book that celebrates reading is an ironically inappropriate source for a film. Even if they changed the name to The Jane Austen Film Club, it wouldn't change the fact, either.
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