Oh yes, you're not reading that title wrong -- apparently, Katie Holmes will be taking on the role of Posh Spice (aka Victoria Beckham) in a new biopic. Unfortunately for people like me (who like to make fun of everything), said biopic will not be based on the sexy pop-singers, but instead will focus on the life of David Beckham, football (or soccer) star and international heartthrob.

However (and I'm sure this will not disappoint most of you), Tom Cruise will stay away from the part of David Beckham because of their "marked physical differences." (Right now, if I listen closely, I can almost make out football nut Martha Fischer screaming for joy.) For those who weren't aware (like me), the Bechkam's and Cruise's are pretty close friends, what with a combined hotness factor that breaks any and all world records. Thus, Mr. Beckham refused to take part in the biopic if Tom and Katie were not involved in some way, shape or form. Now comes the real question: Who will play David Beckham? Or, rather, who will Tom Cruise allow to star alongside his prize possession wife?

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