Just in case you were worried, Kevin Smith has renewed his promise to avoid directing any comic book movies. Talking to BANG Showbiz, Smith said "Those movies are way beyond my capabilities. I'm not really talented enough to pull off a big visual spectacle like that," and then added "writing a comic book is fun and watching comic book movies is fun but I just don't see myself combining the two and making a comic book movie myself." Fair observations, and reminiscent of statements Smith has made previously, but his name has been attached to a few comic book projects in the past and still occasionally gets mentioned in rumors.

Given how long it took Smith to put out the short run of books he did with Marvel, I imagine it is probably good for him to avoid trying to put together an entire movie. Overall, I'm a big fan of Smith, but I think he's making a wise move recognizing his limitations and staying within them. Go ahead an insert your "learning his limits after Jersey Girl" jokes in here ... nobody will blame you.
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