I'm not sure what to think of the upcoming Revenge of the Nerds remake. On one hand, it will be interesting to watch how they update the nerds; throw in things like computers, the internet, iPods and (insert a bunch more neat little gadgets). However, since the original is such a classic, I'm scared I might find myself inside the darkened theater with a clenched fist just dying to burst out and scream things like, "That character was so much funnier in the original!" or "Why didn't this just go direct-to-DVD?"

Nevertheless, a Nerds remake is on the way, and it appears as if we have our first cast member. Variety reports Katie Cassidy (Click, When a Stranger Calls) has signed on to star as Suzy Stone (aka the really hot blonde girl who at first hates the nerds until she falls in love with one), head of the Pi Delta Pi sorority. Now, since director Kyle Newman (Fanboys) has said this will not be a straight remake, there's a small chance her character will differ from the original Pi Delta sorority leader, Betty Childs (as played by Julie Montogmery). Cassidy can next be seen (also playing a sorority girl) in the horror film Black Christmas. (Not for nothing, but I think we should all thank our lucky stars that Paris Hilton did not land this part.)

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