Rumors have been flying that Jet Li is retiring after Fearless, but loyal fans should not worry. He's only finished making wushu films (i.e. films about his own personal fighting style). He has revealed in interviews that he has said everything he's ever going to say on the topic in Fearless.

As a result, Fearless is a dual-edged sword, but both sides cut equally sharp. Li once again impresses viewers with his astonishing physical prowess, but the message here is that all the opponents in the world mean nothing; it's your own true self that is your greatest enemy. (Li has said that "wushu" literally translates into "stop war." People get the "war" or "fight" part, but don't quite understand the "stop" part.)

Along those same lines, Li -- as well as many of his martial arts contemporaries -- is usually misinterpreted as a tough guy, a superbad fighter that can kick any behind in the room. But in reality, he's a poet, a dancer with the grace and sophistication of a Fred Astaire. Moreover, Li shares the same critical reception as most dancers or comedians, or artists who accomplish their cinematic work through physical means; he is ignored. But I maintain that in Fearless he has given performances worthy of awards.