Sony Pictures Classics knows that just because a film is ridiculed, that doesn't make it unqualified for distribution in the U.S. In fact, they probably realize it could work in their favor. Black Book (aka Zwartboek), the new film from Paul Verhoeven, was reportedly called "Schindler's Listmeets Showgirls" at Toronto. Although, other than that, the film appears to be receiving some good marks. Of course, if it is sort of camp comparable to Verhoeven's Showgirls, then American audiences will eat it up and make it a cult classic.

In the Reuters story, the film's sex scenes are described as "ribald" and points to one scene in particular that seems to continue Verhoeven's penchant for displaying his actresses' naughty bits -- the scene in question, featuring the dying of pubic hair, will probably not find folks looking back as fondly as they did for the director's famous leg-crossing shot in Basic Instict.

The true test of the film's quality will likely be put in the hands of the Oscars, as Black Book is the official entry by the Netherlands for the foreign-language category. The truest chance of it becoming a camp cult hit, however, is whether or not Sony (who just coughed up a high six figures for it) might offer us a dubbed version.