When environmental activism crosses the line into eco-terrorism, has the activist become as bad as the corporations he's fighting against? In A Stone's Throw, investigative photojournalist Jack Walker (Kris Holden-Reid) shows up unexpectedly at his sister's house in a rural town in Nova Scotia after a seven-year absence. What his sister Olivia (Kathryn MacLellan) and her ex-husband Jean-Marc (Hugh Thompson) most want to know is this: Is Jack really there just to see the family he hasn't seen in so long and to renew old ties? Or is he there working on the story about the mining company that's reopened a long-closed mine to do cyanide leaching, offering the community over 100 much-needed jobs? Or perhaps to investigate the chemical plant where Jean-Marc himself works?

What makes Jack's situation even more difficult is that he's been diagnosed with a genetic, progressive and incurable retinal disease that will ultimately render him completely blind. Even now, this man who has spent a lifetime's work capturing the effects of pollution by corporations through his camera lens is seeing the world through an increasingly small aperture. Adding to the tension is Jean-Marc and Olivia's son teenage son Thomas (Aaron Webber), who idolizes Jack and is, himself, a budding environmentalist and investigative journalist. When the police come looking for Jack at Olivia's house, Thomas learns that his uncle is wanted by the FBI for eco-terrorism, and everyone begins to question Jack's intentions -- especially Jack himself.