Yet another video blog from director Mark Steven Johnson and the Ghost Rider camp, this one focusing on the design and creation of Johnny Blaze's transportation -- the Hellcycle. Although the hellcycle of the movie isn't directly lifted from anywhere within the comics, director Johnson and producer Avi Arad (who knows Marvel better than most) feel they have stayed very true to the spirit of the character in their design. Johnson's team started with the premise "If the Batmobile looks like it belongs to Batman, the Hellcycle should look like it belongs to Ghost Rider," and they built from there, creating a bike of metal and bone with hellfire coursing throughout. Johnson calls the bike "organic," and I have to agree, organic is a great word to describe it. I'm not sure yet if I like an organic Hellcycle; I think I'm going to have to see it in action before I can give final judgment. I do, however, understand and (I think) appreciate the thought behind it.

I want responses from two camps here. First, if you don't know much about comics and have little or no familiarity with Ghost Rider, tell me what you think of his crazy looking, firey motorcycle. Second, if you are a True Believer, tell me what you think of the new look for the Hellcycle. Hope for the movie, or just another bit of evidence to convince you it is going to be a lemon?
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