From the late seventies through the mid-eighties it seemed that theaters and cable channels were constantly showing one Star Wars knock-off or another. Anybody remember Starcrash? Battle Beyond the Stars? Sure. How about Dünyay? Kurtaran Adam? Yeah, not so much. This 1982 Turkish film (whose title translates into The Man Who Saves The World and is commonly referred to simply as Turkish Star Wars) has since become legendary for both its cheesiness and blatant rip-off of effects footage from Star Wars and music from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Lovers of bad cinema rejoice! Turkish Star Wars finally has a sequel to call its own. It's called Dunyayi Kurtaran Adamin Oglu (The Son of the Man Who Saves The World). The film's bare bones website can be seen here. The trailer doesn't show any swiped Star Wars footage, but there are light sabres, some cool CGI space ships, and costumes and sets that reek of Gorgonzola.

I've not seen either film, but based on the trailer and clips from the original, the two have more in common with the works of Ed Wood than George Lucas. One of the highlights from the first film shows the hero tearing the arm off a creature (essentially a bargain-priced Muppet) and stabbing it to death with its own claw.

Via The Movie Blog
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