While it's been a rumor for quite a while now, Variety reports Justin Long is now officially set to join Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard, the fourth installment in the action-packed franchise. It appears, however, that Long will not be playing Willis' son, but instead will be taking on that "computer-savvy accomplice" role.

Also in talks to star is Maggie Q, though there's no word on who she'll play. Love interest to McClane? Female baddie? Directed by Len Wiseman, Live Free or Die Hard finds the always reliable (yet often hungover) John McClane up against a group of computer terrorists hell-bent on taking over the world by using those annoying Mac commercials (in which Justin Long stars) as a weapon. Okay, that's a lie -- but there are computer terrorists and McClane is in charge of stopping them. Pic is in production now and will hit theaters next summer.

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