Everyone is more or less aware that Johnny Deppmodeled his famous on screen persona Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean after the aging rocker Keith Richards, right? Okay, good. Hang onto this fact, because it is relevant to today's story. After much finagling, Keith Richards was brought to the set of the third film in said pirate-y franchise, and lent his acting talents to a brief scene wherein he portrayed Sparrow's father. Fox411 tells an interesting story about this shoot, claiming it was "more or less confirmed" for them by actor Bill Nighy. The story goes something like this:

Richards, left alone in his trailer until it was time for his scene, chose to indulge in some form of excess, and showed up a bit "wobbly." Director Gore Verbinski had to hold Richards by the shins to keep him upright, and when he told Richards "you've got to keep straight," Richards replied "if you'd wanted straight, then you got the wrong man." Beyond said incident -- or possibly aided by said incident -- Depp and Richards reportedly had a great time together on set, and likely put together an extremely amusing scene or two. I suppose we'll find out for sure when it hits theaters.
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