Written and directed by Michel Gondry, The Science of Sleep is an extremely personal film based, in part, on Gondry's own life. While it's quite simple at its core, the pic is so visually complex you might find yourself completely lost after returning from even the briefest of trips to the bathroom. With this follow-up (not counting the Dave Chapelle docDave Chapelle's Block Party) to the critically-acclaimed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (one of my favorite movies of 2004), Gondry decides to explore similar themes, with both Sunshine and Science revolving around a character who fights through his sub-conscious mind in order to land the woman he loves. However, with a script written by Gondry himself (and not the brilliant Charlie Kaufman) The Science of Sleep is a lot deeper and darker -- the kind of film that not only tugs at your heart-strings, but uses them to tie you up and torture every fiber of your being.