If we were Hollywood movie studio executives, I imagine we'd have a conversation very much like this:

You: So, Mark, I hear these ... fantasy book things are selling quite well on screen these days.
Me: What, you mean like that wizard boy and the hobbits?
You: Exactly so, exactly so. Which got me to thinking. You recall how the boss said we ought to have some new movie proposals ready for him by the end of the week?
Me: Yes I ... wait a minute ... I think I see where you are going with this. We find ourselves a fantasy book?
You: Not just a book, Mark. A series. A franchise. These things are box office gold!
Me: I like how you think. Can we get a full list of possibilities.
You: Way ahead of you, Mark. I found a whole bunch of fantasy book series just ripe for the filming. I printed out a slew of names, then cut them up and put them in this hat. All we gotta do is pull one out, and presto! Box office magic!

It is in this manner I presume somebody at Devil's Due decided to license out the rights (TV, movie, and merch) to R.A. Salvatore's Demon Wars series. Either that, or somebody just got confused because it had "demon" in the title and figured it fit with the overall theme of the company. Nonetheless, there it is ... we could be seeing a Demon Wars movie at some point in the future. Now don't get me wrong -- I enjoy me some R.A. Salvatore (most particularly in the early Drizzt novels), I just have trouble imagining hearing half the names in his book pronounced aloud, let alone imagining the books turned into films.
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