There's a whole lot of World War showing up onscreen these days, what with Flyboys coming out today, The Magic Flute soon to be released and retooled to suit a WWI look, Peter Jackson about to start working on a British WWII flick, Toronto-screened Verhoeven madness, and the eagerly anticipated Franco-era Pan's Labyrinth coming soon. I'm thinking this upsurge of interest has something to do with a certain president constantly referring his citizens back to a time when good and evil were clearly identifiable, but ... whatever.

In that vein, Viggo Mortensen has signed on to star in Good, with Jason Isaacs, and Gemma Jones - a supposedly semi-satirical movie about the 'good' people stuck in a Germany spiraling out of control during the rise of the National Socialist movement. In his Empire interview a little while ago, Isaacs indicated that the universalizing theme making this period movie relevant today is the question - "it's about what am I doing when civil rights around me are being suspended? Because they are. What do Americans do when they ignore the patriot act? ... This is a film about how good people got swept up and ended up bring at the heart of that repulsive regime."

My suggestion to the powers that be out there - a movie about the Hollywood Canteen in the 40's, when all the studio movie stars cooked, served, swept, danced with and entertained servicemen home on leave. [Yes, yes, I know there was an official Hollywood Canteen movie, but I'm talking about a movie about the Canteen!]

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