I am a huge fan and an even bigger defender of Lars Von Trier, the controversial filmmaker who has been the cause of much polarization among film critics since he began making films that take place in, but are not filmed in, the United States, earning him a reputation for being anti-American. Now I anticipate him being criticized for backing down. He is supposedly giving up on his "America the Beautiful" trilogy (Dogvilleand Manderlaywere the first two installments), having said that the third in the series, Wasington, had too many script problems. Now, his latest, The Boss of it All, a comedy in the Dogme 95 style, is going to premiere at the less-prestigious Copenhagen International Film Festival instead of Cannes, where his films are usually unveiled.

Some people will probably say that Von Trier is hiding out from his attackers, but I don't imagine that he would ever, ever let his critics affect him in such a way. As far as Wasington goes, I assume he is probably bored with the concept and has realized he doesn't need anything more to say in its context. The festival thing could simply be his recognition that Denmark is his home and he has nothing to prove by being in the spotlight of Cannes once again. Besides, if the film is finished now, why wait until May to screen it? Copenhagen began yesterday and runs until October 1st.
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