After settling down for a New York Film Festival press screening of Little Children only a few hours ago, author Tom Perotta once again pops into my life. The man is somewhat of a genius when it comes to capturing those dark and disturbing secrets hidden behind the closed doors of most suburban neighborhoods, and Hollywood seems to jump at the chance to adapt his work.

Though his next novel, The Abstinence Teacher, isn't due out until next year, Warner Independent Pictures wasted no time in snatching up the film rights, with Bona Fide Prods. once again (Election, Little Children) set to produce. In the book, Perotta travels back into the classroom with a story that revolves around "a divorced sex ed teacher forced by religious conservatives to teach abstinence." Sounds like a blast, and if it's anything like his previous work then I'll be there, ticket firmly in hand, on opening night.

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