So here I am, down in beautiful (yet horribly humid) Austin, Texas, enjoying my "vacation festival" after the arduous "work festival" that was Toronto '06. I'm flipping through the pages of the festival guide, wondering what I'm going to see on Saturday afternoon when someone informs me that there will be a "super secret" screening later in the day. I rattle off the possibilities in my brain. Since Fantastic Fest is a genre festival, I immediately assume that the "secret" screening will be The Grudge 2 or Saw 3. The FF website indicates that the screening will run 130 minutes, so my next guess is Zack Snyder's300 -- which would have been awesome. But then while I was outside grabbing a smoke, I hear the gossip:

The "super secret" screening will be Mel Gibson'sApocalypto -- and the director would be on hand to hold a Q&A session when the movie ends. Hey, cool. Aside from a promo clip I saw about four months ago, I knew next to nothing about Apocalypto except that: A) It takes place in 1502, B) the dialogue would be in ancient Maya, and C) it was a pretty violent flick. Needless to say, I was intrigued. So I got in line ... with about 400 other curious movie nuts.

I wouldn't feel comfortable penning a full-bore review of Apocalypto, as the cut we saw was a workprint: It had "temp track" music, unfinished sound effects, incomplete special effects, and a few sequences that were bound for the cutting room floor. But the meat of the movie was still there, so I suppose it's cool to share a few early reactions...
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