High on my list of favorite movies is the original Blues Brothers flick. One of the few SNL skits to ever translate well into a full length film, it has an appeal to it which is entirely undeniable. Strong characters, insanely quotable dialog, tremendous music and a wacky, unbelievable-but-ridiculously-fun plot have turned the movie into a comedy classic. The film contains many icons -- people, objects and places -- but one of the real life icons was nearly lost this week in an unfortunate accident.

Pilgrim Baptist Church of Chicago, which was featured in the film as the location where James Brown performs, had been undergoing major renovations for some time, with money raised by the congregation. Sadly, shortly before an 89th anniversary celebration, an electrical fire caused major damage to the church, rendering it unusable for at least six months. On a positive note, however, nobody was injured and the church avoided major structural damage, so it can be repaired. The expense of rebuilding is yet unknown, but we can certainly pray it will not be prohibitive.
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