Variety reports thatAlien vs. Predator 2, which begins filming next week in Vancouver, British Columbia finally has its lead actors. Reiko Aylesworth (who played Michelle Dessler on the Fox series 24) and Steven Pasquale (star of FX's Rescue Me) will be squaring off against the acid-blooded facehuggers and the lobster-faced hunters from the stars. Brothers Greg and Colin Strause, who share an impressive resume as special effects artists, will direct from a script by Shane Salerno. John Davis and Robbie Brenner are producing through Davis Entertainment.

It's entirely possible that Alien vs. Predator may be worthy of a sequel. I can't say for certain since I only got twenty minutes into the thing. The cookie-cutter characters and unconvincing dialogue left me lamenting the combined fate of the two science fiction/horror franchises, wondering if a two-hour test pattern might be better for my mental health. Laugh if you will, but test patterns can be very relaxing when one is faced with bad cinema.

As reported back in July by Cinematical's own Scott Weinberg, the first Alien vs. Predator raked in over $80 million in domestic box office with another $90 million overseas, so while this sequel may not be a good idea, it's certainly no surprise.

(via Super Hero Hype)
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