At first glance, football fans might look at the following story and go, "Wait, since when did Tom Brady start directing films?" Of course, it's understandable there are more than one Tom Brady out there and he (not the dude who plays quarterback for the New England Patriots) has signed on to helm The Comebacks for Fox Atomic.

Pic will star David Koechner (Talladega Nights, Snakes on a Plane) and revolve around a football coach who's lost the most games out of any coach in the entire sport. In an attempt to turn his loser-ish ways around, he heads up a "ragtag college team" and, well, (insert the usual, predictable formula here). Seriously, do we really need another one of these "crappy football team seeks redemption" flicks? At this point, is there anything new to add? I highly doubt it. Then again, checking out Brady's track record, we should be glad Rob Schneider is nowhere to be found.

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