Though it didn't break any box office records this past weekend, Jackass: Number Two pulled in a healthy $28.1 million dollars in ticket sales, beating out several films featuring A-list actors, B-list stories and tons of special effects. Yes, a film about a bunch of guys who run around and go out of their way to cause harm to themselves is the kind of flick people were in the mood to see. Um, not for nothing, but isn't that just a little bit scary?

Reading through various reviews for the film, I was shocked to see critics actually like the thing. Perhaps Josh Rosenblatt from the Austin Chronicle surprised me the most when, not only did he give Jackass: Number Two three and a half stars, but he caps off his review with -- wait for it -- "Strange as it might be to say, Jackass: Number Two is just the kind of vicarious excitement for which the movies were invented." Really? And here I thought the Jackass movies were nothing but longer reality shows -- even worse, reality shows we had to pay to watch.

So, I ask you: Who's the real Jackass? Us for shelling out money to see these morons in action or Johnny Knoxville and the gang for thinking what they're doing is actually cinematic entertainment?

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