After reading the following news story, all I could think of was that Seinfeld episode where Jerry places a Pez dispenser on the empty seat between him and Elaine while the two are supposed to be enjoying a piano performance from George's girlfriend. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

Well, Pez is once again making its comeback, this time at the center of a new movie called Psycho Funky Chimp. Pic, which just brought on Ruben Fleischer to make his feature directorial debut, will be produced by MTV Films and Todd Phillips. Story will follow some dude in his mid-twenties who purchases Psycho Funky Chimp, an extremely rare Pez dispenser. However, he soon discovers a slew of "vultures, thieves and fanboys" out to claim what he now owns, making him question whether the acquisition was worth it.

On a related note, my mother just recently bought me a 3-foot high Pez dispenser thinking I would dig the thing. Um, mom -- it seriously scared me. But thanks anyway!

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