Sam Raimi quite obviously knows how to make comic book material work on the big screen. He, of course, has brought Spider-manto the local multiplex twice (soon to be thrice) and he is producing the film adaptation of the graphic novel 30 Days of Night.IESB has just announced that Raimi will also be producing ArchEnemies, based on the Dark Horse comic.

"One Hero. One Villain. One Apartment." So reads the above-the-title blurb on the cover of Dark Horse Comics' ArchEnemies. Anyone who has ever had a roommate should be able to identify with this tale of cohabitational animosity taken to super human extreme. According to the comic's official site, Ethan Baxter has no idea that his roommate Vincent Darko is the super villain Underlord, and Vincent is equally clueless that Ethan is the super hero known as Star Fighter. In their costumed identities the two are, as the title implies, arch enemies. Wackiness ensues.

Josh Donen and Mike Richardson will serve as producers along with Raimi, and at the moment there is neither a writer or director assigned to the project. The comic book is written by Drew Melbourne, pencilled by Yvel Guichet and inked by Joe Rubenstein.

via Joblo
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