As points out, it's a promotional stunt worthy of exploitation film pioneer William Castle. The producers of the Saw films have organized blood drives to promote the release of each installment of the franchise. Posters promoting the Saw 3 blood drive, however, required some retooling at the request of the American Red Cross. The posters originally showed creepy goth nurses whose uniforms displayed the well known Red Cross symbol. While the symbol may be commonly thought to be in the public domain, it is in fact a registered trademark and has been removed from the posters (here's a before and after). Interestingly, this is not the first time the Saw franchise has needed to rethink it's posters, as the MPAA took issue with the original design for the Saw II poster, resulting in a less graphic print being used.

While some might consider this a tongue-in-cheek form of self-promotion, it's hard to argue with the results. For the 2004 1st Annual Saw Halloween Blood Drive, 4,200 pints of blood were collected, and the 2005 2nd Annual Saw II Blood Drive upped the ante to 10,000 liters of blood. Needless to say, hopes are running high for the 3rd Annual Saw 3 Blood Drive to exceed both its predecessors. For more information on this year's blood drive, click on over to Saw 3's official site.
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