First he visited Hong Kong to remake the film Infernal Affairs, which is now set in Boston and called The Departed (opening October 6 nationwide). Now, it appears Martin Scorsese has chosen his next film; an adaptation of the Japanese novel Silence. Scorsese originally wrote a first draft of the script (with Jay Cocks) a decade ago and planned to shoot the pic immediately following Gangs of New York. However, he ultimately decided to stick The Departed in between the two.

At this time, we're not sure what he plans to do with it, but according to Production Weekly the story is "set in sixteenth century Japan, where Portuguese missionaries must contend with traders from rival European nations and the persecution of Christians by Japanese feudal lords." Oh, and did I mention Scorsese plans to shoot this in Vancouver next summer? Yes, f**kin Vancouver. I was somewhat underwhelmed by Scorsese's trip back in time for Gangs on New York, though I absolutely loved The Departed. This sets my intrigue level rather high, and I'm definitely curious to see where he goes with it. I also wonder if Silence will indeed be one of the director's last efforts for Hollywood, as Martha pondered wayyy back last November.

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