In a give and take at San Diego's Comic Con, Bryan Singerspoke about a sequel to this summer's Superman Returns, suggesting he would get "all Wrath of Khan" on it. Geeks everywhere immediately loved the reference to the classic Trek film, and many presumed this meant Zod as a main villain. TODAY online, in a big old interview with Singer (which you can read in its entirety at the above link), asked what exactly he was suggesting with the quote back in July. Singer was a bit dodgy, as directors tend to rightfully be, refusing to admit details of Supes' next return. Instead, he simply pointed to traditional comic book movie wisdom, and said he meant the first movie had to be consumed with character introductions and relationships, the second movie -- like the old Wrath of Khan -- could jump right into the action. "Now you can raise the stakes, raise the jeopardy, and make a leaner, meaner movie."

As one of those fans who was on the fence with Returns (I enjoyed it, but it was less than I hoped it would be), I am fully willing to give it a chance go should Singer put together another flick. He's right, of course, with the conventional wisdom he suggested, and a good director will learn from the complaints on his work. Your thoughts? Are we going to see Zod here, or what?
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