The epic science fiction drama The Fountainhas not been well-received by film festival audiences in Venice and Toronto, but Darren Aronofsky's film has been awarded the $25,000 Alfred P. Sloan Award. The award is presented to feature films that explore science and technology in new and different ways, and depict scientists and engineers in a realistic and compelling fashion.

The film, which despite all the negative press still looks fascinating, takes place across the span of 1,500 years. Hugh Jackman plays a man who endeavors to save the love of his life from cancer through scientific research. A statement from the Sloan Foundation had this to say about The Fountain: "In accurately depicting the enormous potential-and very real limits-of modern scientific efforts to cure disease and extend human life, this beautiful symphony on what it means to lose someone you love pushes the frontiers of time and space to reveal that humanity and mortality may be inextricable, and only art, for now, can bestow immortality."

The honor will be presented during the Hamptons International Film Festival, which takes place Oct. 18-22 in Long Island, New York.
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