While it was odd enough seeing the trailer for the upcoming Black Snake Moan in front of Snakes on a Plane, you could at least understand the logic. I mean, both films star Samuel L. Jackson, and with Snakes supposedly about to be the sleeper hit of the year, you understood why the studio would be eager to ride those coattails. It's just too bad that sleeper turned out to actually be in a coma.

Even more perplexing though, was seeing a trailer for this film in front of Jackass: Number Two. What demographic are they going for here? Our showing of Jackass was filled with hooting and hollering teenagers who sat in stony silence during the trailer, and afterwards looked around confusedly and said "What the heck was that?" The movie features Sam literally chaining up a white girl in his house in the deep south, so that he can cure her of "the itch." The white girl is played by a nearly unrecognizable Christina Ricci, and she does look uncomfortably like a bad dog at times, being chastised by her master.

I must say, it was an odd segue from that into the scrotum punching.
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