Those of you interested in buying The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, which goes on sale today, have an interesting option. Instead of purchasing the DVD, which Best Buy has for $14.99 (other chains may sell the DVD at the MSR price of $29.99), you can download the movie from CinemaNow for only $9.99. This may not sound like an especially novel idea, with movie downloads having been available for some time, but the deal here is in the price. Typically CinemaNow offers new releases for about twice as much, a factor that has been the cause of most consumers' disinterest with the site. Even with their announcement over the summer that their downloads can be burned to disc (Chris told us about some problems there, though), a perk that puts the service ahead of iTunes and other download shops as far as viewing options go.

But is $5 off a good enough deal, really? Maybe for those of us who don't usually bother with the featurettes, deleted scenes and commentaries (the DVD has one with director Justin Lin), but in a culture that likes to own and collect things, near-ten-bucks sounds a bit much for a burned DVD. I still see shops like CinemaNow being good for renters, the audience that doesn't care about possessing the copy, and since The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift isn't available to rent on the site yet, Netflix still sounds like the better idea.