Well, it's not a web column until you get a rude comment. And no, I'm not suggesting that The Science of Sleep would have made as much money if it had played on the number of screens that Jackass: Number Two did -- I'm just saying that the usual mode of Box Office reporting is kinda boring and useless.

And speaking of boring and useless, can you believe that the Uwe Boll boxing story is getting any pick up, anywhere? I'm not going to link to it -- that's just giving the bad man what he wants -- but again, it's kinda one of those deals like when Churchill said that if Hitler invaded Hell, he would at least make a nice positive reference to the Devil on the floor of the House of Parliament. Thing is, looking at the lineup of 'critics' that Uwe fought, well, I think it's more like the miserable exploiting the miserable -- if you think you're an actual critic, that means you don't go box a fracking director.

And speaking of 'fracking,' when's Galactica back on? It's a three-movie day today -- 49 Up, Little Children and The Guardian -- so I'm soon off to the dark, and let's be honest; this time of year is when Oscar-mania starts, and bring it on. Right now, if you asked me to make a Top Ten of stuff that had been released, It would include Half Nelson, Brick, and the word 'Pass' eight times over. ...

What are the best films in release you've seen so far this year?