Hab SoSlI' Quch! (Translation: "Your mother has a smooth forehead!")

Truly sad individuals or a fascinating linguistics phenomenon? Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Wateris a documentary on what is probably the best-known artificial language since Esperanto: Klingon. The film arrives on DVD this October 16. The Fortean Times website has an interview with director Alexandre Phillipe (director of CHICK FLICK: The Miracle Mike Story, a feature documentary about the true story of Mike the Headless Chicken) and producer David Marchiori. Most of Earthlings was shot over four days during the annual qep'a' (that's "conference" to us terrans) of the Klingon Language Institute in Philadelphia during the summer of 2003.

Phillipe is not a Trekkie, but he has a very understanding attitude about the folks who spend their time learning this made-up language. "If it's meaningful to them to learn Klingon," he says, "because they have a good time, because it's a great intellectual exercise, or because that's how they want to make friends – who are we to say they're wasting their time?" He also says that at least a few of those he interviewed had apparently crossed the line between hobby and unhealthy obsession, but the film reportedly does not take the perhaps obvious route of treating the subject like a joke. The film's trailer can be viewed at the official website.

[via Boing Boing]