There's a pretty interesting exclusive over at Newsweek: Emma Watson's not sure if she's on board for more Potter. While Potter five is finishing filming, Emma Watson -- best known as Hermione Granger -- has been publicly stating that she's ambivalent about signing on for the last two films. "I love to perform, but there are so many things I love doing ... Maybe that sounds ungrateful. I've been given such an amazing opportunity, but I'll just have to go with the flow." There's a question if this reflects legitimate burnout on Watson's part -- by the time the projected series is done, she'll be almost 20, and will have spent a significant percentage of her years on this planet playing Hermione -- or if it's just positioning and posturing for more cash for the next go-around. Plenty of franchises have re-cast mid-stream -- I'd love to hear a phone call between Watson and Crispin Glover, who notably got shoved out of the Back to the Future films -- but there's such an association between Potter's triumvirate and the films that it's almost insane to imagine the producers letting her go. Would you accept a different Hermione? Whom do you cast? Or should Warner Brothers skimp on catering and take the financial hit to get Watson back at any cost?
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