Hot off his directorial debut, Big Stan, Rob Schneider is heading into unfamiliar territory (and no, that does not mean he's starring in a film that's actually funny). The actor has just signed on to play lead in Juliana and the Medicine Fish, an independent children's fantasy flick based on the book by Jake MacDonald.

Pic will be directed by Jeremy Torrie and revolve around a father (Schneider) who while trying to save his failing fishing lodge, as well as some sort of normal relationship with his young daughter, discovers an ancient secret in waters near the lodge. The ancient secret, I'm told, reveals the truth behind why every film this man appears in stinks. Of course, I'm kidding about that last part ... or am I? (Here's where you get to jump in and defend the atrocities that were Deuce Bigalow and The Hot Chick.)

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